10 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Switched from PCs to Macs

Four years back, I used to be known as “PC Mike.”

That is on the grounds that on TV and in papers, I composed principally about PCs running the Windows working framework.

At that point, goaded by peruser e-maii, I chose to attempt a Macintosh PC for a survey.

It shook my reality and turned PC Mike to Mac Mike.

Presently in complete honesty, I should disclose to you that, for expert reasons as an innovation reporter, regardless I need to some of the time use PCs. Also, NBC-TV sections that I do at present some of the time call me “PC Mike.”

In any case, in my individualized computing life, it’s everything Mac… essentially constantly.

As I think back on those four years, I can distinguish 10 overwhelmingly positive encounters have kept me emphatically in the Mac crease:

1 No spam – There is no preferable spam channel over Spam Sieve. It’s a Mac-just item and it gets 98 percent of my garbage mail.

2 No worms or infections – None. Zip. Zero. Not a solitary one of every four years now.

3 No adware/spyware – Same thing. These are non-issues on my Macs.

4 No accidents – It simply doesn’t occur with OS X. I had one accident in December 2002, yet I was running OS 9 at the time and it was an extremely old program (from 1994-ish) and I was interested to check whether it worked. It didn’t.

5 Total combination – Apple’s iSync application keeps my timetable, address book, Web bookmarks and daily agenda consequently and faultlessly synchronized on my work area and PCs. What’s more, it backs everything up on my .Mac account, which means I can get to it from any PC with a Net association.

6 iTunes and the iPod – Need I state more? In all actuality, these likewise work with Windows. However, on Macs, they work the best.

7 Total opportunity – Airport Express gives me a chance to set up a wi-fi arrange anyplace I need like a flash and it broadens my remote system at home as I need it. This mid year, I’m utilizing it up out back by the pool. I take it on excursions for work and get-away, in a split second setting up wi-fi in lodgings and apartment suites.

8 Mac programming – I referenced SpamSieve and iTunes. In any case, at that point there’s other uncommon Mac applications like the RSS-peruser NetNewsWire, GarageBand, Safari and Final Cut Pro. I can not envision registering without these applications.

9 Compatability – I understand this is a PC world. So I utilize Microsoft’s Office for the Mac. Honestly, it’s been my experience that it works superior to Office for Windows. What’s more, Entourage makes Outlook resemble a poor cousin. I use Word constantly and there are no issues with my PC-utilizing buddies. Same with Excel. Animate wants the Mac. So does QuickBooks. At that point there’s the MacBook Pro. Blazingly quick. I have Windows running through Boot Camp on one of thhem. Honestly, other than the curiosity of having Windows kept running on a Mac, I don’t have a clue why I introduced it. Be that as it may, it’s there on the off chance that I need it. Which I haven’t.

10 Community – When I was all PC, I used to giggle at the Mac extremists. Since I am one, I comprehend why they adore their PCs. I never heard a Windows client state that. The Mac people group is for the vast part minding, steady, imaginative and incredibly all around educated. This shouldn’t imply that that Windows individuals aren’t the equivalent. In any case, I’ve never felt as associated with a proclivity gather as intently as I am to my individual Macheads.

For me, Macs have made the most recent four years an undertaking simply holding on to be clicked.

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  2. […] 10 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Switched from PCs to Macs […]


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