CSS Lesson No.1 – Introduction


In this lesson, you will learn about CSS without any knowledge easily learn and design a different web page using display CSS property.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and simply design HTML page layout with CSS gave properties. CSS is Easy to learn and describe how contents show on a web page to be displayed and all views, or other media. CSS Save so many works (size, color, space, text, shadow, position and align) and allow to use same property for all page.

Why Use CSS ??

  • Control Website Layout
  • Content Design
  • Display for Different Device
  • Screen size 
  • Increase page load

Learn HTML

History Of CSS

  • CSS1 came out with W3C in the year of December 1996 and this version defines the CSS Language too a simple formatting to any web page layout.
  • CSS2 Was came out in May 1998 and this version support to all type of media’s eg:-tables, element position, From, page layout etc.
  • CSS3 came out in the year of June 1999 and this version builds old version and still under development until the year of 2014. It’s divide into all modules with documentation and new tags of HTML and CSS.

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Time Save:-CSS can save your lots of time with same CSS file you can use in multiple pages and set the same layout to all to different class and ID.

Opportunity:– This platform has a good opportunity for better response and support all latest browser.

Media Support:- This CSS file can allow you change all media view and set all type of property with display and set to all screens. eg:-Mobile(small,large,medium),Tablet,Desktop etc..

HTML Tag:– CSS support all type of HTML tag with all property. Html tag is friendly with CSS as well as JavaScript.

Maintenance:– CSS can change simple element to make a beautiful design and set to globe page. All web page CSS file maintained automatically with given properties.

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