WhatsApp Business rolls out for Android

WhatsApp Business rolls out for Android.


After years of speculation, WhatsApp is finally rolling out its business app. It’s called WhatsApp Business, and it’s available for free. 

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The app provides some of the basic functionality you’d want from a business app. You can create a Business profile with additional information like a description, address, and contact information, and enable quick replies for answers to common questions. You can create greeting messages and view some simple analytics so you can see which words are most effective.


According to the post, the new features include ‘Business Profiles’, ‘Messaging Tools’, ‘Messaging Statistics’, ‘WhatsApp Web’ and ‘account Type’. Let’s run down on what additional features ‘WhatsApp Business’ has in addition to the regular ‘WhatsApp’ mobile app.


Introducing the WhatsApp Business App Official Post

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